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Dead rising is a mission pack with Zombie apocalypse theme



Status:Not complete(Stoped),Start from april 19 2011-april 30 2011

in this mission the author give some feature in mission

  • Save survivor
  • 3 diffirent zombie
  • Psycopath

6 mission completed in this mission pack,the main objective is escape from san andreas


After chuck Greene escape from fortune city he move to las venturas,and his daughter katey is in san diego with her uncle,When chuck is want to visit katey,outbreak happen.Outbreak start from airport when chuck is want to visit his daughter,Survivor in airport is fight against zombie,after that chuck decide to find a plane and he saw some survivor and try to make them follow chuck,will chuck go to san diego or not?


in this mission there 3 zombie type

  1. Normal zombie
  2. Law enforcement zombie
  3. Speed zombie

Normal zombieEdit

Low health,Less power,Slow,easy to killed,can be founded every where,this zombie use melee weapon

Law enforcement zombieEdit

Strongest zombie,smart,hard to kill,they use grenade and range weapon,this zombie is:SWAT,FBI,Army,Police they can be founded in airport,Army base,Police station,Quarantine area

Speed zombieEdit

Fastest zombie in this mission,they can't be shot easy because the very fast,can only be founded in Beach