Empire rising sun war mission pack by maliksusanto

Empire rising sun war



Status:Not Complete(Stoped)Started From April 6 2011-April 17 2011,in this mission author give some feature:

  • 2 Diffirent Faction
  • Player own Troop
  • 2 enemy commander

4 mission completed in this mission pack,the main mission is to destroy allied army


2011: after the iraq war ended the U.S. government to make treaties with other countries to create a new military organization called the allied force
2015: Empire of Japan declared war with allied forces finally started battle of two great nations


Empire rising sunEdit

Empire rising sun or japan empire is playable faction in this mission,the player play as empire commander name commander shinzo nagama

Allied forceEdit

Allied force is formed by USA,the main enemy in this mission


Empire rising sun characterEdit

Emperor yoshihiroEdit

The Japan empire emperor,he want to dominate the world with his army

Commander Shinzo NagamaEdit

The playable Character in this mission,he is very smart,tough

Commander Kenji TenzaiEdit

Your Co-Commander help you fight allied force

Allied CharacterEdit

Field Marshall Robert BinghamEdit

Leader of allied force,he have powerfull army,but he never join battle

President Howard T. AckermanEdit

U.S.A he guy who make allied force,he is heavly guarded